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Gertens Spring Flower Fundraiser

​The spring sale is a great way for students to earn funds for a trip or program fees.  Click here for details.

Cub Foods Bagging

​Students and adult helpers sign-up for shifts to bag groceries with tips and donations going to student accounts.  Musicians are welcome too!  Check back for upcoming dates.

Papa Murphy's Pizza Cards

This summer fundraiser is a great way to earn.  Each card sells for just $20 and $15 goes to the student account! The pizza card is a great value for families, friends, and neighbors and is accepted at many Papa Murphy's in the area.

Other Fundraising

​The Boosters partner with community businesses and sponsor other student and general band fundraisers.

  • Spiral Brewery Tap Takeover

  • Spiral Foods Round Up

  • Tennis Sanitation Recycling

  • Simply Sheets

  • Chipotle and more!

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